Vizio vs TCL: A Detailed Comparison

Are you searching for the best TV to add to your cart? Or, are you starting on TV vendor shops wondering which brand should you choose? Two popular brands that come up are Vizio vs TCL. But deciding the right TV for your needs can be a challenge. 

I remember last year when I had to choose between the two, which wasn’t easy. I had to test and compare their features to decide which was best for me. 

From reading around 20-plus reviews, I got the in and out of each brand and learned a lot about features. 

Here in this article, I will provide a comparison between Vizio vs TCL that will help you make an informed decision. I will help you not to spend countless hours researching both brands. 

Vizio vs TCL: A Detailed Comparison

So let’s get into the review and see what you should settle on.

Vizio History

Vizio, formerly V Inc., was founded in 2002 by William Wang, Laynie Newsome, and Ken Lowe. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has strong American roots. 

Vizio is known for being a disruptor in the television space and helped shift TVs from traditional boxes to internet-connected devices at the heart of smart homes. 

LeEco, a Chinese tech company, acquired Vizio in 2016 for $2 billion. Wang survived the crash of Singapore Airlines, which gained him recognition in the industry. 

In 2021, Vizio announced an IPO focusing on ads over devices. Today, Vizio is a well-established brand in the TV industry, and its history is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

TCL History

TCL Corporation is a multinational electronics company founded in 1981 in China. It has become one of the world’s largest and leading consumer electronics manufacturers, driven by its core values of “integrity, responsibility, innovation, and excellence.”

Early Years

TCL began manufacturing consumer electronics in 1985 as TCL Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd. Two years later, in 1987, the company began producing black and white televisions.


TCL has pioneered technology, introducing many world-firsts in the industry. 2014 it introduced the world’s first big-screen QLED TV, pioneering quantum dot colour technology. Its latest innovation includes the world’s first Mini-LED TV.

Community and Growth

As TCL usage grew in the early 1990s, a community formed around the language, contributing many powerful extensions and supporting new users. TCL continues to grow and expand, with operations in over 160 countries worldwide.

Difference Between Vizio and TCL

Now that we have both companies’ histories let’s look at some key differences between Vizio vs TCL:  

1. Panel Technology

OLED, QLED and LED are today’s TVs’ most common panel technologies. These technologies determine the quality of the picture, how much power a TV needs and the cost. 

OLED TVs are the best if you want premium picture quality with deep black levels. QLED TVs offer bright colors and good contrast ratios for a more affordable price. 

Vizio is known for its LED and OLED TVs, while TCL specializes in QLED technology. TCL got licensed from Samsung, which makes it even better when it comes to picture quality.

2. Brand Quality

In response to many customers’ reviews, it is well known that cheap TVs are often made with lower-quality parts. 

Vizio has a reputation for offering good value but has been criticized by some customers for using substandard parts. TCL, on the other hand, has a good overall reputation for making quality products.

You probably need to spend more on a TCL television, but you can rest assured that it is made with higher-quality components. 

The design and build quality of the TVs also favour TCL over Vizio, with the latter often sacrificing quality for affordability. 

It is worth noting that a higher price does not necessarily guarantee quality, but with TCL, you can be sure you are getting a well-made product. 

Another plus of TCL is its longer product warranties. Most of their TVs come with a two-year warranty, while Vizio only offers one-year coverage. This is important because you want to protect your investment for longer in case something goes wrong. 

Regarding brand quality, TCL is the clear winner over Vizio. You can trust that their products are made with higher quality components and have longer warranties. 

While cost is certainly a factor to consider, it is worth spending the extra money for a TCL television, knowing that it will last longer and provide better performance.

3. Smart TV Platforms

What about the accessibility of content? Regarding their smart TV platforms, Vizio vs TCL offers access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. 

Both manufacturers also provide access to a wide range of channels and content, so you can find something to suit your preferences. 

However, Vizio’s Smart TV platform provides more features than TCL’s, such as voice control and connecting to Google Chromecast. This gives Vizio an edge when it comes to content accessibility. 

Additionally, Vizio’s Smart TV platform is available across all their models, while TCL’s is only available on select high-end models. This means that if you want the best content accessibility, Vizio is the better option. 

4. Motion Technology

TCL 5 and 6 series TVs feature Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology. 

This helps reduce motion blur, making fast-paced action scenes appear sharp and clear. The Vizio P-Series TVs also have MEMC, but their M-Series models do not.

While both manufacturers offer a range of features that can enhance your viewing experience, TCL’s motion technology is more advanced than Vizio’s, so it might be a better choice for action-packed films or sports. 

Vizio is catching up to its competitors in the OLED TV space. The Vizio OLED 2022 lineup offers some of the best picture quality available on the market, with an impressive contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. 

The OLED TVs also have the latest HDMI 2.1 ports for high bandwidth connections and are compatible with 4K120 and 8K60 devices. 

However, TCL’s OLED TVs offer slightly better image quality, as they are brighter and have better color accuracy. This makes them great for HDR content, as the images will be vibrant and sharp. 

5. Picture Quality

Vizio and TCL offer great options. Their LCD TVs have a good contrast ratio and wide viewing angles, making them great for watching movies or sports. 

In addition, both brands use the latest HDR technology to enhance picture detail and colour accuracy. However, Vizio offers a wider range of picture quality options, from entry-level models to high-end displays with Quantum Dot technology. 

TCL offers a wide range of options but has fewer high-end models. Ultimately, both brands provide great picture quality for their respective price points. 

6. Wireless Technologies

TCL and Visio support 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth LE for connecting phones and tablets. That said, you can’t connect or pair devices like speakers and controllers as it is not that powerful. 

Both brands have access to their respective app stores, allowing customers to easily integrate streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. TCL’s Smart TV platform includes access to the Google Play Store for downloading additional content.

 Vizio, on the other hand, uses Google’s built-in Chromecast technology for access to streaming services. Both offer voice control options, allowing customers to control their TVs by speaking directly into the remote. 

Additionally, TCL and Vizio have active zones for connecting video game consoles and other devices. These features make TCL and Vizio excellent choices for customers accessing the latest streaming content.

7. Image Processor

Watching content on any TV requires a powerful image processor that can convert your picture from low-resolution sources to an HD resolution. 

TCL uses the AiPQ Engine processor, designed for faster processing and improved picture quality. You can customize the picture and access modes like Sports, Games and Cinema. 

Vizio uses its own image processor, the IQ Active processor, tailored to enhance motion and picture clarity. It also includes support for voice control, allowing users to customize settings with simple voice commands. 

Both image processors offer excellent performance, and users can expect vivid images with TCL and Vizio TVs. 

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8. Video vs TCL Audio Performance

TCL and Vizio TVs offer excellent audio performance, using speakers for improved sound quality. TCL uses Onkyo speakers to create a more immersive sound experience and provide accurate bass. 

Vizio also provides an enhanced audio experience with its built-in Dolby Atmos and DTS TruSurround audio technologies. Both systems offer powerful bass, clear vocals, and accurate treble for a balanced sound. 

Both brands are compatible with-party soundbars and multiroom speakers, allowing customers to create a surround sound system for an even better experience.

9. Sound Quality

TCL built-in speakers provide excellent sound quality and clarity. The speakers in their TVs are engineered to create a clear and crisp audio experience, with DTS TruSurround adding to the overall sound quality. 

On the other hand, Vizio TVs also offer great audio quality with their built-in speakers aided by Dolby Audio.

 The advanced audio features of Vizio TVs create a great soundscape, perfect for watching movies and shows. TCL and Vizio offer great sound quality for their TVs, providing a great experience overall.

10. Voice Assistants

Commanding or searching for content is easy with the voice assistants on these TVs. Google Assistant is the most powerful choice. Access to the Google Play Store can help you search for content, control your smart home devices, and more. 

TCL adopts Google Assistant. Thus, you can use the remote to search content, open apps, control your music and so on. 

Vizio features their SmartCast platform, allowing access to apps like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. This way, you can easily control your content or search for something new. 

So if having access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is important for you, then the Vizio SmartCast platform would be your best choice. 

But if you are looking for an efficient way to search and stream content, the Google Assistant on TCL TVs would best suit your needs. 

11. Vizio vs TCL Ports

You need to spend on a brand that offers the ports you need. Vizio TVs have 1 HDMI port and no USB ports, while TCL TVs offer up to three HDMI ports and two USB ports.

This means you can connect more devices to your TV with TCL than Vizio, making it the better choice for gamers or those needing to connect multiple devices.

Additionally, TCL TVs offer an Ethernet port for a wired connection, so you don’t need to worry about Wi-Fi speeds or signal reliability. With Vizio, you’ll have to make do with Wi-Fi only. 

12. Price

Digging deep in your pocket for the budget to purchase a new TV is never easy. That’s why you should consider Vizio over TCL. 

The prices of Vizio TVs are generally lower than TCL TVs, making it a more budget-friendly option. 

However, for the price you pay for a Vizio TV, you may not get all the features that come with TCL TVs. So if you want access to more ports and advanced features, you’ll have to spend more on a TCL TV. 

The Vizio Tv features are across the board but may be missing higher-end features. Still, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly TV. 

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Which is Better?

When comparing Vizio vs TCL TVs, it depends on your budget and what features you’re looking for. TCL generally offers better motion technology, but Vizio has exceptional high-end models. 

Vizio TVs have thicker legs, providing better stability on tables or cabinets. TCL offers popular smart TV features via Roku or Android TV, while Vizio supports Dolby Vision for a higher level of HDR. 

In terms of picture quality, Vizio has better reflection handling and improved HDMI support. However, TCL upscales lower-resolution content better. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference and what matters most to you.


Everything conspires to make Vizio and TCL both compelling options, depending on the budget and requirements. They are reliable brands, have excellent picture quality, offer plenty of features, and come in various sizes. 

Ultimately, the decision is going to depend on individual circumstances and preferences. It’s best to compare their features and prices before deciding.

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