How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen Of Death

Many households know the dreaded Vizio TV Black Screen Of Death (BSOD). It’s a frustrating issue that can cause your TV to become unresponsive and display a blank or black screen. 

Sometimes it can be very annoying as we need help identifying the exact problem. If your Vizio TV suffers from a black screen, there are a few potential fixes. I will cover the best approaches to fixing the BSOD and getting your TV back up and running. 

Unplug the TV from its power source, press the power button for about 10 seconds, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This will force the TV to reset, which can sometimes solve minor software issues that are causing the BSOD. If this does not work, let’s get further into fixing the problem.

How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen Of Death

What Causes A Vizio TV Screen To Go Black

A couple of common causes exist for the Vizio TV’s black screen. The most likely culprit is a faulty display panel, though other hardware malfunctions can also be at fault. This could include a bad cable connection, a power supply issue, or a defective circuit board.

How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen Of Death

If you’re encountering a Vizio TV black screen and are looking for a quick fix, here are some approaches to try.  

Perform the Sound Test

This should be your first step in attempting to diagnose the problem. Press the volume up and down buttons on your remote to see if any sound is coming from the speakers. If you hear the sound, the issue is likely with the display panel or video settings.

Connections and Power

This is the simplest solution. Is your TV connected firmly to the wall? We want now to do a simple check if the cable is properly connected to the TV input. Also, make sure that your power supply cable is firmly plugged in and turned on. Follow these steps:

1. Turn the Vizio TV off using the power on button on the TV or a remote

2. Unplug the power cable from the TV and wall outlet. Press the power button for about 30 seconds and release it

3. Wait for a few minutes

4. Reconnect all cables: power, HDMI

5. Turn on the TV and configure it as you like

Tip: If you are using the source of video from an external device, swap it with another device, or connect with a different cable. This should give you some idea about the source of the problem.

Change the Remote Batteries and Check the Buttons

A press and stuck button on your remote control can cause the display to go blank. Check on your remote if there is a stuck button. Try to press the buttons one by one to check if any of them are stuck. 

If it still does not work, try changing the remote batteries. This may solve the issue. Pressing and holding the power button on the remote for 10 seconds might also do the trick. If this does not work either, try resetting the TV. 

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Vizio TV Backlight Issue

If your Vizio tv is turning on but the screen is still black, there may be an issue with the backlight. You should notice this if you can hear the sound and see the power on the light is green. 

This show that your tv is receiving power and the problem lies in the backlight. A faulty power LED strip or inverter board can cause this issue. 

You will need a flashlight to fix the issue, although a phone can also work. Shine the light on the screen, and if you can see a very faint picture. Change the channel using the remote control, and you can see the picture. That’s a good sign. 

Check The Cables and Connections

The Vizio TV black screen issue can simply be a loose cable connection. Make sure that all of your device’s cables are securely connected, including the power cable, HDMI cable, and so on. 

You should disconnect them all and then plug them back in one by one. Check that the cables are firmly secured. If any of your devices have their power supplies, ensure they are connected properly too. If the cable connections are all secure, you should move on to the next step. 

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices

Do you use your TV to play games? If so, then the console may be causing the problem. Disconnect any devices to which your TV is connected and then turn it on again. If the problem is resolved, then one of the devices was the culprit. You can then reconnect them one by one to try to identify which one is causing the issue.  

Replace the Defective Circuit Board

A defective circuit board can cause the Vizio TV to experience a black screen of death. If replacing the HDMI cable and power cycling the device did not solve the issue, it might be time to replace the circuit board. 

Taking your device to a qualified service technician who can correctly diagnose the problem and replace any faulty parts is best. However, if you are comfortable doing it yourself, you can purchase a replacement circuit board from an online retailer. 

Check the manufacturer’s part number before purchasing, as incompatible parts can cause further damage. Once you have the correct part, carefully follow these steps:

1.  Unplug the TV from power and all other connections. 

2. Carefully open the back of the TV to access the circuit boards.  

3. Identify the board that needs to be replaced and disconnect it from other cables and components. 

4. Gently remove the defective part and replace it with the new one. 

5. Reconnect any cables and close the back of the TV. 

6. Plug in the TV and switch it on to test if the issue is resolved. 

Replace Other Components

There are replaceable components within your Vizio TV that can cause a black screen. These components include the power supply board, T CON board, and mainboard. 

If you have done all the above checks and still can’t get your TV out of black, one of these components will likely malfunction. 

You can try to replace the component, but this could be costly, and it is best to hire a professional if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. 

If your TV warranty is still active, contact the manufacturer for support. Don’t tamper with the TV, as you may void your warranty. 

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Contact Professional

Now you have just done everything and have had no luck. Then it is time to contact a professional. The professional can help you out of this situation and provide the perfect solution. They have expertise and knowledge that can help you. 

They can diagnose the situation in no time, give an accurate estimation of cost, and fix the problem quickly. However, before reaching out to them, ensure you have all the necessary data and information, such as model number, purchase date, etc.


Vizio TV faces a black screen issue that can be quite frustrating, but don’t worry; there are some steps to fix it. The above-mentioned are some of the most common causes and solutions for a Vizio TV black screen death.

Try each method; hopefully, you can get your TV working again. If the problem persists, make sure to contact a professional for help. 

Remember that safety should be the top priority when dealing with electrical devices. Always wear protective gear and follow safety instructions when doing maintenance or repairs on your Vizio TV.  

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