Vizio vs Samsung: Which Brand Should Settle With?

If you’re in the market for a new TV, you’ve likely encountered some top brands like Vizio vs Samsung during your research. But which one is the better option for your needs? 

This comparison guide will examine the strengths and weaknesses of both Vizio and Samsung brands, focusing on important factors such as image quality, screen size, and price. 

By the end of this guide, you should know which brand is the better choice for your home entertainment setup.

Vizio vs Samsung

About Vizio Tv

Vizio is an American company that designs and sells televisions, soundbars, viewer data, and advertising. 

Their TVs come pre-loaded with favorite apps, shows, movies, news, sports, music, and more. 

The Vizio M Series Quantum X 2022 is an excellent option for mid-range TVs with high peak brightness and amazing smart features.

 Recently, Vizio released its Spring Showcase, delivering free and exclusive entertainment for WatchFree+. 

You can experience a wide selection of content without subscribing to multiple streaming services.

About Samsung Tv

Samsung is a South Korean brand offering top-notch TVs, soundbars, and home theaters. Samsung offers a range of premium TVs, including QLED, Neo QLED, and OLED technologies. 

With Quantum Dot technology, Samsung TVs produce jaw-dropping colors for an amazing viewing experience. 

Samsung SMART TVs integrate advanced computing abilities and connectivity, making them popular for entertainment and learning. 

With Smart Hub technology, Samsung TVs make accessing content easier than ever. Troubleshooting picture issues on Samsung TVs is easy with the support offered by Samsung. 

Samsung TV Plus is a great way to access live TV channels and thousands of movies and shows on demand without any required credit cards, contracts, or cables.

Vizio vs Samsung Comparison

While in a dilemma between buying a Vizio and a Samsung TV, you need to be aware of the features you are looking for. The following comparison between Vizio and Samsung TVs will help you make an informed decision. 

Panel Technology

Panel technology is one of the major considerations when buying a TV. Vizio has advanced backlighting technology, providing bright, clear images and crisp contrast on their TVs. 

Samsung uses a QLED panel for all the smart TVs, offering better colors, details, and deeper blacks. 

LCD had problems with motion blur, but both Vizio and Samsung have addressed this issue in their TVs. They are now using QLED and OLED, which provide smooth and blur-free motion. 

Vizio has been using LED+ backlighting technology for some time, providing good picture quality. LED is used as the light source and is spread evenly across the panel. 

They are less energy efficient compared to OLED and QLED. Samsung uses Quantum Dot technology for their QLED TVs since it offers better brightness, colors, and more accurate whites. This advanced technology enables brighter and more vivid colors.

In late 2020, Vizio channeled the production to the OLED panel, currently the best panel technology. 

OLED gives better contrast, blacks, HDR performance, and smoother motion than LED or QLED. This brings more comparable results when compared with Samsung TVs in terms of picture quality.

Image Processor

Nothing matters more than a processor when it comes to performance. Vizio has been using its image processing system called “Vizio IQ” since 2018. 

It is a powerful image processor with enhanced sharpness, color accuracy, and motion performance. Samsung uses  Quantum processor 4K, which offers an improved picture quality compared to other processors. 

The processor improves the TV’s sharpness, color accuracy, and motion clarity. The new Neo Quantum process uses the upscaling feature to enhance the low-quality content and make it look better. We can experience this in 4K or 8K Samsung TVs.

So, if you are looking for a good image processor, Samsung is the better option, as their processors can provide a more detailed picture. The winner in this department is Samsung.

Smart Platform

Vizio and Samsung use proprietary smart platforms to access all apps and streaming services. Vizio uses its own SmartCast, which offers basic streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and many more. 

They also have a built-in Google Chromecast, which allows users to cast content from their phones to the TV.

Samsung has a platform called Tizen, which offers a variety of apps and streaming services. It offers easy access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more.

 Samsung also has the SmartThings app built-in, which allows users to control their TV and other connected devices remotely.

Overall, Samsung offers more apps and streaming services than Vizio, making it the better option. Samsung also offers more features compared to Vizio’s Smartcast. 

Connectivity & Operating System

Connectivity means that you have access to different ports on the TV. Vizio and Samsung offer connectivity options like HDMI, USB, ethernet ports, etc. 

Samsung also offers wireless connectivity options, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Additionally, Vizio televisions have Apple AirPlay 2 and Homekit support. This allows users to stream content from their iPhones and other Apple devices.

When it comes to the operating system, Samsung uses its own Tizen OS, while Vizio uses its own SmartCast OS. Both of these platforms offer a wide range of apps and streaming services. 

Samsung also offers its own Bixby assistant, and its TVs are compatible with Google Assistant. Vizio offers no voice assistant, but it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Samsung has a slight edge over the connectivity operating system as it offers more features. However, Vizio is better for Apple users. 

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Picture Quality

You probably want the best picture quality for your TV, and Vizio and Samsung are both excellent choices. Although people ought to have different preferences on picture perception, different categories of TVs have better picture quality given certain conditions. 

Vizio TVs offer excellent color accuracy, contrast, and sharpness compared to Samsung TVs. However, Samsung TVs have higher HDR performance and bright highlights.

The experience angle is also an important factor in picture quality. Samsung TVs have a ‘One Connect Box,’ which makes connecting your peripherals easier and still has a neat setup, while Vizio TVs do not come with this feature.

Motion Technology

What about the response time of the TVs? Response time is an important factor when it comes to motion performance. With minimal blur, you can enjoy movies and shows without missing details. 

Samsung TVs come with Motion Rate technology that gives you an enhanced viewing experience by providing a response time of 5 milliseconds compared to the 8-9 milliseconds offered by Vizio TVs. This gives Samsung TVs a slight edge over their Vizio counterparts. 

This is due to the fact that Samsung TVs feature a higher refresh rate than Vizio TVs. Samsung also offers Auto Motion technology, which helps reduce motion blur, making it easier to keep up with fast-moving visuals. This is a great feature for gamers who enjoy smooth, responsive visuals.  

Backlight Technology

What about backlight technology? Samsung TVs come equipped with LED edge lighting, which helps create better viewing angles and excellent contrast. This makes dark scenes look even more immersive. 

Vizio TVs also offer excellent backlighting options with their Quantum Dot technology. This technology helps to produce vivid colors and improved contrast. 

Overall, Samsung has the edge in this department as its LED backlighting technology provides sharper images and better viewing angles than Vizio’s Quantum Dot technology. 

Brand Longevity and Warrant

When you buy a TV, you want a brand that will serve you your entire life and have a good warranty to back you up when needed. Samsung and Vizio both offer very reliable quality assurance and warranty. 

Although Samsung beats Vizio in this category with its 1-year warranty for LED TVs and a 10-year warranty for OLED TVs, Vizio only offers a 2-year warranty.

Both brands have excellent customer service that can help you when needed. In terms of brand longevity, Samsung has been around longer and is a more established name in the TV market. 

People who have used Vizio file complaints about their TVs’ durability. However, Vizio is still an excellent choice for those on a budget, and you can have peace of mind knowing that they do offer a decent warranty.

Sound Quality

Sound quality can make or break your viewing experience when watching a movie or a show. Both Samsung and Vizio TVs offer excellent sound quality. Samsung TVs feature Dolby Audio support, while Vizio TVs utilize the proprietary technology of DTS Studio Sound II. 

In terms of sound performance, both Samsung and Vizio TVs are quite similar. Both offer excellent sound clarity and loudness. Samsung has the edge over Vizio in terms of bass, as its speakers offer a better bass response and can deliver deeper lows.

Wireless Technology

Both tv brands offer excellent wireless technologies built in. They come with 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which offer fast streaming capabilities and excellent wireless performance. 

Samsung TVs go one step further and come with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which is great if you want to connect your wireless headphones, soundbars, speakers, controllers, or other audio devices you may need to pair.

Vizio supports Bluetooth LE, which is less fast and reliable than Samsung’s Bluetooth 4.0 but still offers decent performance. You can’t pair speakers and other power-consuming devices. 

You are limited to only connecting tablets or smartphones with Vizio TVs. Thus, if you want to add an extra speaker, you must use the audio port. This makes Samsung TVs a better choice in terms of wireless technology. 

Standout Features

While you may be on a budget, you may be disappointed which what Vizio has to offer when it comes to features. Samsung, however, offers some unique features, such as the Quantum Processor 4K, that helps upscale content and reduce noise. 

Samsung also offers its Dynamic Crystal Color technology that helps produce vivid colors and enhanced brightness.

You can spend extra money on Samsung’s other features, such as Adaptive Sound and Object Tracking Sound, that help make sound come alive. The Adaptive Sound lets you easily control the soundtracks and music according to your preferences. 

The Object Tracking Sound helps provide a better surround sound effect. Samsung also offers gaming features such as Auto Game Mode, Freesync, and Variable Refresh Rate.

Another unique feature of Samsung is their Smart TVs with Bixby Voice assistant and SmartThings. Bixby is Samsung’s voice assistant that can perform various tasks such as playing music, providing information, etc. 

SmartThings helps to connect your Samsung devices and control them with your smartphone. You can also access various content on the Samsung App Store, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. This allows you to easily access your desired content without needing a separate device. 


When it comes to cost, Vizio TVs are usually the more affordable option. This is because they often offer lower-end specifications at a lower price than Samsung TVs. 

However, the cost of Vizio and Samsung TV models varies depending on features and size. Both brands offer discounts based on the time of year and other promotions.

It is always essential to compare costs before making a purchase decision.  Ultimately, it is important to note that you get what you pay for. Generally, Samsung TVs are more expensive but offer more features and better performance than Vizio TVs.

Screen Sizes
Display Technology
Display Resolution
Image Quality
Audio Quality
Smart TV Options
Physical Size
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Head-to-Head Comparison Vizio vs Samsung

Which is Better: Vizio vs Samsung?

Choosing between Vizio and Samsung TVs is worth considering your priorities and preferences.

While Vizio offers a more competitive price, Samsung is the clear winner regarding image quality, viewing angle, and dimensions. 

Samsung is almost unbeatable regarding screen quality, audio, and usability. Their color volume is much better than most Vizio TV models, and their contrast ratio is perfect. 

However, you’ll have to pay more for these extra features. Vizio may be a good option if you want more gaming features, such as VRR support and better motion handling. 

Some people swear by Vizio TVs, but they do sometimes have problems. On the other hand, Samsung units tend to outperform Vizio 4k TVs, making them the best but most expensive option. Ultimately, the choice between Vizio vs Samsung depends on your preferences and budget.

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When shopping for a new TV, it is important to compare Vizio vs Samsung. While Samsung offers better picture quality and performance, it comes at a higher price. 

On the other hand, Vizio offers a more competitive price point but has some limitations in brightness and color volume. 

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget. Consider the most important features to you, and do your research before making a purchase.

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