What Is Share Focus Status On iPhone?

Are you having a busy or tight schedule and need a way to manage your time? The Share Focus Status on iPhone can help you do just that! You can easily set focus goals and track your progress as you go. 

As phones advance and are geared toward social use, we increasingly use them to stay connected with our friends, family, and colleagues. 

Android phones have the “Do Not Disturb” mode, which blocks all incoming calls and messages. 

Apple phones have a similar feature called ‘Share Focus Status‘, which allows users to control when they can be contacted via FaceTime, Messages, and phone calls. It lets you share your focus status with friends and family so they know when to contact you. 

What Is Share Focus Status On iPhone?

Share Focus Status on iPhone is a feature that allows users to control when friends, family, and colleagues can contact them. 

It works similarly to Android’s “Do Not Disturb” mode, allowing users to set specific times when others cannot contact them via FaceTime, Messages, and phone calls. Simply it is a feature that enables you to set your product hours without disturbance.

It is ideal for those who want to take a short or long break from their phone or who need to focus on work without interruption. 

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How Does Share Focus Status on iPhone Work?

1. It temporarily disables notifications – allowing you to stay focused on your task without interruption.

2. Share Focus Status lets you share how much time you plan to focus on your urgent productions.

3. You can set a timer to stay focused on a task, and Share Focus Status will notify your contacts so they know you are busy or unavailable.

4. If someone messages you during your focus session, they will be notified that you are busy and will receive notifications once your focus session ends.

5. It will notify your contacts after your focus time, and they’ll know you’re available again.

6. It is a great way to stay focused and let your contacts know when you are free to chat. 

7. You can set some apps to receive notifications even when in Share Focus Status, so important messages won’t be missed. Let’s say a message from your boss or wife.

How to Share Focus Status On iPhone?

Before setting your focus status on your iPhone, you have to ensure your iPhone is up-to-date with the latest iOS version.  Then follow these steps: 

1. Open the Settings app and select ‘Focus.’ It has a Moon symbol.

2. Select a focus from the available options, such as ‘Work’ or ‘Family.

3. You will get the option with ‘Focus Status‘ at the top. Tap on it and select ‘On.

4. Then, you can add apps to your Focus, which will be accessible when your focus status is active.

5. When done, tap ‘Done‘ to save your settings and turn on your Focus Status. 

Repeat the steps for other Focus options for other modes of activity. This will allow you to set each mode’s contacts, apps, notifications, and other settings. You can always switch between your focus statuses when needed. 

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How to Turn off Share Focus Status – iOS 15

You can keep your Focus Mode private by turning off your Focus Status in the settings of the iOS 15 device. 

These settings will keep your Focus Status information hidden from others. It allows others to see when you are in Focus Mode and can be turned off for more privacy. 

To turn off your Focus Status: 

1. Open Settings on your iOS 15 device.

2. Tap ‘Focus.‘ 

3. Select the mode that you want to switch off. 

4. Click on the Focus mode icon to turn off the mode. 

5. Your Focus Status will now be hidden from other users. 

Repeat the process and turn off all the focus mode statuses to keep your Focus Status private. Enjoy the maximum privacy of your Focus Mode with these simple steps. 

Steps to Share Focus Status with Few Selected Contacts

You may not require everyone to know you’re in Focus Mode, so you can selectively share your Focus Status with only chosen contacts. Lets say the contacts that keep calling or texting you frequently. 

To do this, enter the individual’s profile settings and turn off sharing. 

What are the steps:

1. Open the chat you wish to silence on your message app.

2. Tap the profile picture of the friend or group you want to silence.

3. Select “Settings” from the menu.

4. Scroll down and toggle the “Share Focus Status” switch to “Off“.

5. Your Focus Status will no longer be shared with this person. 

6. Repeat these steps for any other contacts you don’t want to know your Focus Status. 

How to Customize Share Focus Status With Only One Contact

Now you can customize the sharing of your Focus Status with just one contact. To do so, go to their profile settings and tap on “Focus Status.” 

You can then switch between “On” and “Off,” depending on whether you need to share your Focus Status with them. This allows you to keep your Focus Status private for selected contacts. 

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When you need to stay organized and focused, Share Focus Status on iPhone is a great way to keep your contacts updated about when you are available. 

According to Apple, you can set different focus statuses for each activity, customize who you share your Focus Status with, and turn off the sharing when needed. Follow these steps to manage your Focus Status on your iPhone and enjoy maximum privacy. 

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