How to Find iPhone IMEI Unlocking Numbers

In iPhones from the iPhone 5 and onwards, the free IMEI unlocking numbers were engraved on the back panel. Conversely, for iPhone 4S and earlier models, these numbers were displayed on the SIM tray.

Instead, users use different methods to check their IMEI numbers. Below are two main methods to get or find iPhone IMEI unlocking numbers. They include:

Method 1: Get the iPhones’ IMEI through Settings

Step one: To ind iPhone IMEI unlocking numbers with this method is very easy. All you need to do is open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to the General tab. (Settings => General).

Step two: From the “General Menu,” tap “About.” A new page will appear, showing various information about your iPhone. The “IMEI” number will be displayed on that page at the bottom.

Step three: Press and hold the 15-digit number for a second to copy. Then share or paste it on any platform that requires the IMEI number.

Method 2: Use the Dial pad to get the IMEI number

Step 1. Open the dial pad and type in *#06#. Then the free IMEI unlocker number of the iPhone will be displayed on your screen. Write it somewhere or press and hold the 15 digits to copy it later.

Step 2. After that, just tap “OK” to dismiss the IMEI display box.

Once you have unlocked the IMEI number, you can easily use it to unlock your device or for any other purpose. It is a very simple and effective method of unlocking your iPhone.

With this information, users can now enjoy the benefits of being able to freely use their iPhones without worrying about their security or having them stolen.

Additionally, users should take note of the importance of backing up their data regularly. This will ensure that any lost or stolen devices can be replaced easily and all important data remains safe and secure.

Furthermore, users should also use strong PIN codes and passwords for added security measures to protect their privacy.

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