why is Windows is So Expensive?

Windows is a powerful and popular operating system used by many people worldwide. It is a developed product with important features, such as a graphical user interface and applications for task management. However, Windows often comes at a relatively high price tag compared to other operating systems. But do you know why is Windows is so expensive? 

In the next section, we explore why is Windows so expensive. At the end of the article, you should also understand why Windows is a worthwhile investment. 

why is Windows is so expensive
why is Windows is so expensive

What is Window 10?

Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system, was released in 2015. Millions of people worldwide use it, and it is the core of many businesses. 

Windows 10 boasts various features, including a modern graphical user interface, access to Microsoft Office applications, and protection from viruses and malware. 

What are the Versions of Windows 10?

Windows 10 is offered in several versions, including. 

Home: This costs around $140 and is the basic version of Windows 10. It does not include all the features of other versions, but it can be used for everyday tasks such as browsing the internet, sending emails and creating documents. 

Pro: This version costs around $200. It includes all of the features from Home and added features such as remote desktop access and device encryption. 

Enterprise: This is the most expensive version of Windows 10 and costs around $300. It includes all of the features from Home and Pro and added features such as extended security measures and updated management tools. 

Education: This version of Windows 10 is designed for educational use and costs around $150. It includes the same features as Home but with added tools for teachers and students. 

why is Windows is so expensive

What are the Main Features of Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a range of features that make it an attractive and powerful operating system. These include: 

Modern graphical user interface: Windows 10 features a modern, intuitive design that is easy to use and navigate. This makes it the perfect choice for both experienced and novice users alike. 

When using Windows 10, users can use improved multi-tasking capabilities, a range of customisation options and an extensive suite of built-in apps.  

Frequent updates: Windows 10 is constantly updated with security patches and feature updates. This allows users to stay ahead of the latest threats, exploit newly-discovered security vulnerabilities and enjoy the latest technology. 

Cortana: Cortana is a virtual assistant that can search the web, access information quickly and plan your day. It is integrated with the Windows 10 operating system, so users can use its features without downloading additional software. 

Microsoft Edge: The Microsoft Edge browser is the default web browser in Windows 10. It offers a streamlined user interface, faster page loads and an integrated reading mode that removes ads and other distractions.

Registry Cleaner: Windows 10 includes a built-in Registry Cleaner that removes unnecessary clutter from the registry. This helps to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. 

Security Features: Windows 10 includes various security features such as the Windows Defender anti-virus program, the Windows Firewall and two-factor authentication. This helps to keep your system secure and protect against malware and online threats. 

Why Is Windows So Expensive?

Microsoft is the main producer of Windows operating systems. Different things make Windows expensive. Below are the main reasons why Windows is expensive: 

1. Development and Maintenance Costs

Microsoft spends millions of dollars researching, developing, testing and updating their operating system. This cost is then passed on to the end user, resulting in a higher price for Windows products. 

When you purchase a Windows product, you are also paying for the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the software.

2. Licensing Deals with OEMs

Microsoft has licensing deals with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This means that the cost of Windows is bundled into the cost of other hardware, such as laptops and desktops. The OEMs must pay a licensing fee for Windows software, which gets passed on to the end user. 

3. Microsoft’s Status as a Monopoly

Microsoft is considered to be dominant in the computer operating system market. This is since they have been in the market for a long time and have a large user base. 

As such, Microsoft has been able to set its prices high due to the lack of competition, and consumers have no choice but to pay for Windows. 

Microsoft is also known to bundle additional software and services with Windows, leading to even higher prices. Microsoft’s monopoly over the market has allowed them to set higher prices for their products.

4. The cost of Software Updates

Microsoft constantly releases software updates for their operating systems to ensure they remain secure and current. This means that users must purchase the latest version to access these updates. 

Each new version of Windows can cost hundreds of dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive operating systems on the market. Furthermore, many updates need to be purchased separately, adding to the cost of owning Windows. 

5. Microsoft’s Profit Motive

Microsoft has always been a for-profit company, and they do not shy away from setting high product prices. 

Windows is one of their main sources of income, and they use the profits to develop and expand their other software offerings. This has resulted in high prices for their products, including Windows. 

6. Great Customer Support 

Microsoft provides great customer support for their products. They have an extensive network of trained professionals available to help you with any issues with the Windows operating system. 

This service comes at an additional cost, passed on to the end user through higher prices. 

7. Windows Is Everywhere 

Millions of people around the world use Windows. This gives Microsoft a huge user base and incredible market power. As such, they can set prices as high as they want, and people still end up paying for their products. 

You can find Windows everywhere, from the personal computers in your home to the servers powering businesses and government institutions. 

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8. Security Features

You get a lot of value for your money when you purchase Windows. The operating system has features that keep your data safe, such as Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and BitLocker. 

All these features add to the cost of the software, but they are incredibly important for keeping your data secure. 

9. Microsoft Hires Top-Notch Engineers

Microsoft employs some of the best engineers in the world. It takes highly skilled professionals to develop and maintain a complex operating system like Windows, which adds to the cost of the software. 

Microsoft invests heavily in research and development, reflected in their product prices. 

Windows is a complex operating system requiring many resources to build, maintain and update. This makes Windows an expensive product, but it is also one of the most reliable and popular operating systems on the market. 

The cost of Windows may be high, but it is worth it if you are looking for a reliable and secure system that is constantly updated. The above reasons cover everything about why is Window so expensive.

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