How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock not Working

You have just arrived home from work and want to play your favorite Nintendo Switch game on the big screen. But wait, when you plug your Switch into the dock, nothing happens! You may have realized that Nintendo Switch dock not working! This is an issue that has been affecting many people, and it is quite annoying. But don’t worry. 

After going through this problem several times, I decided to compile several useful solutions that will help to fix your Nintendo Switch dock not working issue. 

So, the solutions I will provide are handpicked and tested manually. 

What is Nintendo Switch Dock Set?

A Nintendo Switch Dock Set is an accessory for the Nintendo Switch console. It allows users to connect their console to an HDTV or monitor and access power for charging and playing. 

The dock includes three USB ports, an HDMI port, and a TV output connection port. This lets users connect other accessories, such as amiibo or Joy-Con controllers. 

Additionally, the dock can be taken on the go for a portable gaming experience. 

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock not Working
How to Fix Nintendo switch dock not Working

Why does Nintendo Switch Stop Working?

If your Nintendo Switch dock stops working, there are a few possible causes. I analyzed the issue and identified possible causes for why your Nintendo Switch dock might stop functioning. 

After doing a thorough inspection of the dock, these are the possible causes I found:

Split or Frayed Cord – The Nintendo Switch dock uses a USB Type-C cord prone to splitting or fraying over time. If the cord is split or frayed, it won’t charge the console.

Malfunctioning Power Outlet – If your power outlet is malfunctioning, it can cause the Nintendo Switch dock to stop working.

Dirty Contacts – The contacts in the Nintendo Switch dock can get dirty over time, interfering with the console’s power flow. 

Damaged Dock – The Nintendo Switch dock can be damaged from being dropped, kicked, or mishandled. 

Software Issues – If the Nintendo Switch has a software issue, it can result in the dock not working.

Loose Connectors – If the connectors on the dock are loose, it won’t be able to provide power or a connection to the console. 

Kinks – If the USB Type-C cord is bent or has kinks, it can cause the dock to malfunction. Kinks are common, so check the cord for any bends or kinks.

HDMI Issues

If the HDMI port on the Nintendo Switch dock isn’t working, it could be due to a faulty or low-quality cord. Ensure you’re using the cord supplied with your Switch to ensure it works properly. 

Faulty Dock – The Nintendo Switch dock can become faulty due to wear and tear over time. At this point, the dock needs to be replaced. 

No Enough Power –  The dock may not provide enough power for the console. This can occur if you’re using a low-quality charger or your charger needs fixing. Switch Dock’s cables can also be damaged or not strong enough. 

These are some of the most common causes of the Nintendo Switch dock not working. Once you have identified the cause, you can fix the issue. 

You can also contact Nintendo if you need further assistance. 

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

After identifying the cause of the issue, you can move on to fixing it. Here are some solutions you need to try, and hopefully, you will be able to fix the problem. 

1. Power Cycle

The power cycle is the first thing you should try. This process involves turning off the Switch Dock and disconnecting it from its power source. 

Wait a few minutes before connecting it back and powering it on again. This helps reset the connection between your Switch Dock and the dock. The following are the steps:

1. Power off your Switch Dock and disconnect it from the dock.

2. Unplug the HDMI cable from the dock.

3. Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and the back of your Nintendo Switch Dock.

4. Press and Hold the power button for at least 15 seconds. 

5. Now, wait for about a minute. As you wait, try to power cycle your Tv and Nintendo Switch using the same process.

6. Reconnect all cables, plug them in and switch on your console.

The configurations of your console and the dock should now be reset. You need to check if this has fixed the issue or not. 

If the issue hasn’t been resolved, you are now sure the settings and configurations of the Switch Dock are okay. Now let’s move to the next steps. 

2. Securely Insert the Cables in the Right Order

Switch Dock usually responds to the cables being plugged in. Check if your HDMI cable and power cords are inserted correctly into their respective slots. 

The HMDI might change the Dock configurations when you plug in your Tv. This led to the Switch Dock stopping working as the settings had been tampered with. 

Now we will fix this issue by ensuring that we plug in the cables in order. You follow these steps to ensure that you are plugging in the right cables in the right order. 

– Disconnect all the cables from the Switch Dock. 

– Start with the power cord, and plug it in. Check if the power light is on. This ensures that the dock is receiving power. 

– Connect the HDMI cable. I assume one HDMI end is already connected to your TV. 

– Insert the Nintendo Switch Console into the Dock. 

– Your console should now be displayed on the TV.  

– Check if your Switch Dock works correctly by ejecting the console and inserting it again.

Start with a Power cable, then HDMI and other accessories. This will ensure that the correct settings are used for the docks and that it will work properly. 

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3. Checking the Power Cable

A faulty or damaged power cable led to the Switch Dock not working. Check if your cables are firmly plugged in and if there is no debris, dust or defect in your power cable. 

If the power cable seems damaged, replacing it with a new one is best. Sure you are using a cable that is compatible with your Switch Dock. 

Check whether the wall socket is working by plugging in another device to make sure. This can also tell you whether the Switch Dock has a power-related issue. 

4. Checking your HDMI Cable

Now that you have ensured that the Switch Dock is receiving power, the next step is to ensure your HDMI cable is working correctly. 

It may be failing to deliver video from the Dock to your TV. Unplug the HDMI cable from the dock and your TV, examine it for any visible damage, and then plug it back in securely. 

If it does not work, try to use another HDMI cable. If the new cable works, there may have been an issue with the old one. 

You will need to replace it. On the other hand, if the new cable does not work either, you may have a different problem and need to move on to other troubleshooting steps. 

5. Checking for a Faulty Dock

A total faulty dock will result in no response from your Switch Dock. Check physically if any of the ports or the slot where you insert the console is damaged, missing pins, or bent. 

If nothing is bringing the issue, it is time to take a further step. Borrow a dock from your friend. Insert the Nintendo Switch and TV in it. 

If the console works fine in a different dock, your defective dock must be replaced. If it does not work with other docks, the problem is not with the dock but from somewhere else. 

Continue troubleshooting by following the next steps. 

6. Restart the Nintendo Switch 

We know that the issue is not from the dock and cables. So, now it’s time to move on to the next step. Restart your Nintendo Switch. 

This will help you identify if it is a software or hardware problem. To restart the Console, press the power button for 12 seconds. 

This will bring down your console and restart it. Now connect the Nintendo to your dock, and check whether it works. 

7. Reset the Nintendo Switch 

If restarting did not work, reset the console by performing a factory reset. This will reset all the settings and return your console to its original state. 

To perform a factory reset, open Settings on the Nintendo Switch Home Menu and select System > Formatting Options > Reset Console. 

This can fix any software-related issues causing the Swinot to work or not work. 

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8.  Contact Nintendo Support 

If none of the above steps works, then it is time to contact Nintendo support. If the dock is under warranty, you can replace it for free. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new one. 


You should not be worried when your Nintendo Switch Dock is not working, as simple solutions can help you resolve the issue. 

You need to follow the above steps and troubleshooting tips to get the dock working properly. If none of the solutions has worked, it is best to contact Nintendo support for further assistance.

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