Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty – Coverage and Terms

Gigabyte is a leading computer hardware manufacturer specializing in motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and PC components. When purchasing any computer component, it is important to consider the warranty coverage that comes with it. Knowing what is covered under a Gigabyte motherboards warranty can help you make an informed decision when purchasing.

This article will provide an overview of the Gigabyte motherboard warranty and how to claim it. You can click here for the latest price of the best Gigabyte motherboards on Amazon.

Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty
Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty
Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty

Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty Coverage


Warranty Periods

Gigabyte offers a three-year warranty period for its motherboards. This includes coverage for the system itself, the AC adapter (including the power cord), and the chassis.

Gigabyte also provides an extended 5-year warranty on select X670 motherboards in North America. This gives you the wide coverage that makes the customers love this excellent and powerful motherboard.

Types of Defects Covered Under Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty

Gigabyte offers a range of warranties for its motherboards, ranging from one to five years. The warranty covers different types of defects depending on the type of motherboard purchased.

Below are the defects and their warranties:

Motherboard Warranty

The standard warranty for Gigabyte motherboards is three years. The warranty starts from the day your product starts shipment. This warranty covers various defects in material or workmanship that can occur during normal and proper use.

‘This includes any problem with the motherboard, such as faulty components or manufacturing errors.

AC Adapter Warranty

Gigabyte offers a one-year warranty for AC adapters (including power cords) with their motherboards. 

Chassis, Driver CD, VESA Mounts Warranty

Gigabyte also provides a three-year warranty for chassis, driver CDs, and VESA mounts with their motherboards. 

Warranty Registration and Claims Process

Gigabyte motherboards warranty covers various defects in materials or workmanship for up to three years. You must register your product with Gigabyte to take advantage of this coverage. Below is the explained process of registering your motherboard for warranty coverage.

Registering Your Product

The first step in registering your Gigabyte motherboard warranty is to create an account on the Gigabyte website. Once you have created an account, you can log in and select the “Register Product” option from the menu.

You will then be prompted to enter the serial number of your motherboard and other information, such as its model number and purchase date. After submitting this information, you will receive a confirmation email that confirms that your product has been registered successfully.

Submitting a Warranty Claim

Suppose you encounter any issues with your Gigabyte motherboard. In that case, you can submit a warranty claim by logging into your account on the Gigabyte website and selecting the “Submit Warranty Claim” option from the menu.

You will then be prompted to enter details about the issue, including a description of what happened and any relevant photos or videos. Once you have submitted this information, Gigabyte will review it and determine whether or not it’s covered under its warranty policy.

If it is covered, they will provide instructions on how to proceed with getting your product repaired or replaced.

Steps to Make a Gigabyte Motherboards Warranty Claim

Claiming your Gigabyte motherboard warranty can be a straightforward process. Here are the steps you should take when making a warranty claim:

Check Your Warranty

The first step is to check the terms of your warranty. GIGABYTE offers a global warranty service, and you must complete product registration to access all services. The date you purchase the product will determine the length of your warranty period.

Gather Proof of Purchase

You must provide proof of purchase to receive service when making a warranty claim. This could include an invoice or receipt from the store where you purchased the product. If you bought it online, an email confirmation or other digital record might suffice.

Contact Customer Service

Once you have checked your warranty and gathered proof of purchase, contact GIGABYTE customer service by phone or online. They’ll be able to guide you through the process and help determine if your product is eligible for repair or replacement under the terms of your warranty.

Prepare for Shipping

If it is determined that your product is eligible for repair or replacement under the terms of your warranty, then prepare it for shipping according to GIGABYTE’s instructions. This may involve removing additional components, packing them separately, and ensuring all cables are disconnected before shipping.

Follow Up on Your Claim

Finally, follow up on your claim with GIGABYTE customer service until it is resolved. They should be able to provide updates on when they expect repairs or replacements to be completed, so make sure that you keep track of this information throughout the process.


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Gigabyte is committed to providing its customers with reliable products backed by comprehensive warranties. The company offers a three-year standard warranty period for its motherboards and an extended 5-year warranty on select X670 models in North America.

Customers should refer to their product documentation or visit Gigabyte’s website for more information about their specific warranty coverage and terms & conditions.

Additionally, Gigabyte provides excellent customer support services via phone, email, and online forums to help customers with questions about their products or warranties.

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